Our Mission

Our mission is to bring to the people,

contemporary urbane cosmopolitan lifestyle work and products, 

while supporting independent artists and small scale suppliers across the world.

What we do?

We get artwork created from independent artists

and print them on various daily casual use products like t-shirts, coffee mugs, posters, cushions, etc.

Additionally, we source ethnic products from local artisans.

What’s in a name?

OPHO is quite a common word in Hindi speaking regions of India.

It is a term that is capable of expressing a colorful range of feelings

and can have many meanings depending on the intonation.

Rising Intonation - the feeling of surprise, amazement, awe, bewilderment, unexpected

Falling Intonation - the feeling of exasperation, dismay, consternation, derision, distress

Said in a neutral tone, it's used to get someone's attention.

Mostly used for expressing the feeling for something of great proportions, something that is just too much,

something like 'Oh My God!' and 'Oh Man!or 'Are you kidding me?'

Product Quality

Our team is obsessed with delivering highest quality products and prints.

In addition to our high-quality designs, we work with the best print providers and suppliers

and ensure that every product you buy, is flawless.

Young Artists

Our designers are talented, young, upcoming, based in small towns.

Shopping here means you’re supporting independent creators and the causes they care about.

Every product you buy helps these budding artists to work harder for a brighter career.